Well, here we are, firstly I must apologise for being so slack on regular posts, I’ve been somewhat preoccupied, I’ll cover that more in a second. I’m hoping you all had a cracking Christmas and a Happy New year? Who would have thought, 2018 already!

So, where have I been? What have I been up to?

As you are probably aware, I am now a FULL TIME photographer, no more driving trucks for me. I am a professional photographer now, it still seems weird when filling in the “occupation” section of forms, for 13yrs it was HGV driver, it has been a long time coming and I’m so much happier and healthier in myself for making the transition. Also back in November I celebrated my 5th Wedding anniversary, so I truly am down with you guys when you’re planning your weddings to know what you’re going through and what is being planned. Also in November I joined “The Societies of Photographers”, I actually joined 3 of their Societies, SWPP, SICIP and SISEP. It may mean very little if anything to you, but what it does mean is that Treasured Moments Photography is a recognised professional supplier and has a strict code of conduct each member has to adhere to.

As for the photography, I’m pleased to say that Treasured Moments Photography supplied the image for a mainstream company’s Christmas card and I have a copy proudly sat in my office. Speaking of an office, I now have my own office and not the desk in the corner of the sitting room, so now each day I have a long commute to the office of around 12 feet! Ah yes, photography, I’ve been busy busy with meetings and catching up on the mountains of admin that seem to come from nowhere. I’ve had a couple of cake smash shoots, a toddler shoot, corporate shoots and of course weddings galore. I am pretty well booked for 2018 wedding with only a few spaces left. Once the season has finished I will be fast approaching 100 weddings shot. It has been busy times here at Treasured Moments Photography.

I will sign off for now as I have more emails to send BUT I will return in the very near future.

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