Well here we are, 2016 is in full flow and if my year carries on as it has started I will be a very happy little bunny! Already I have close to double figures booked in the 2017 diary and even 2 lined up for 2018!! My wedding bookings for 2016 are nearly at capacity as I only allocate so many weekends in the year for weddings due to my full time employment commitments. I have fresh meetings to book, a studio day to arrange and imminent weddings just peeking over the horizon, never a dull moment. So, I apologise that I’ve been a bit slack with posts on here but as I’m sure you can imagine, things have been a tad hectic.

Talking of my full time employment, plans are well under way and the countdown has begun to becoming a full time photographer and really putting my passion to work. Although this is a daunting prospect, it is also VERY exciting as it means I will be able to apply myself 110% to what I truly love doing. I wouldn’t be able to even consider it if it wasn’t for my wonderful clients, whether they be wedding, corporate or my studio shoot clients, they have ALL given me the drive and encouragement to pursue my dreams and they are getting very close to becoming a reality.

In other news, with my employment transition getting closer, I have been searching out wedding fayres in my area and getting booked onto those that have spaces available toward the end of the year. This again is a new area for me to explore but with the support of my great wife I am more or less prepared to get out there and meet my public! Keep checking back for updates of Fayres I’ll be exhibiting at.

I think that’s enough from me for now, but I will make a more concerted effort to make entries on a more regular basis.

Speak soon you lovely people.


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