Well hello again my faithful followers.

Not going to post a huge blog tonight but just thought I would give you a quick update. In my last blog entry I mentioned that I had bought a new lens and would be looking at adding another body in the near future, well, that near future was nearer than even I anticipated. I am now the proud owner of a Canon EOS 1DS MKiii. The Mkiii bit IS important as it indicates to those in the know that it’s a serious bit of kit. The body is second hand but was purchased from a guy on the Isle of Mull who only used it for photographing Otters. For the techno geeks that are reading this…….. 21.1mp, full frame sensor, 5fps with dual Digic III processors capably of producing files up to 50mb in size. She is a weighty beast and I wouldn’t want to get hit by it!

How come I got it so soon I hear you ask? Well to be honest it was offered to me at such a great price I would of been silly to of refused it bearing in mind when this model was first released it was well over £4500 new!

I’ve planned a trip to Santa Pod this weekend to try it out as Ken Block will be there with a few of his Hoonigan cars so it’s going to be an opportunity not to be missed to put the new gear through it’s paces. Keep an eye out for the results.