Well what a busy few weeks we’ve had here at TMP towers! The Sweet cart is now finished and as you will see it has been added to the website on its very own page (Thanks Ruth). All of my weddings are up to date and now I’m awaiting the shot lists so we can design and order their albums.

We had a Corporate Event to attend recently and as you can see from the gallery, we supplied a Photobooth for the enjoyment of the guests and it went down a storm. So much so that we have decided that if we were to be asked to supply it again, we would give it serious consideration. But as my wife describes it “doing that was like childbirth, over time the pain of the event fades to a distant memory but it was still painful!” In truth, yes it was painful but only because it was the first time we had set up in such a large scale and add to that the fact that we set up at 3pm and walked in our front door at 1:30AM!

We’ve also in the last 24hrs gone “live” with the promotion of our next family photoshoot day, as we’ll be doing the Christmas themed shoot, we’ve made it a 2 day affair and at the time of writing, we only have 7 slots available across both days! We must be doing something right??

I think that’ll do from me for now, keep checking back and I’ll see you guys soon.


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