WOW!! Has it really been as long as October since I last posted? So, what has been going on here at TMP?

Well, wedding season is back and in full flow, I’ve just finished editing one wedding and have 2 more to do and that’s without the wedding I’m shooting on Saturday. Talking of Saturday’s wedding, I’m pleased to announce that since I started my wedding photography career all those years ago on a part time basis, this next wedding will be my 50th paid assignment! Not bad going considering it all started with a friends wedding some 6yrs ago and it has steadily built from there.

The big news I have is I am on a count down, as from October this year, yes just 4 short months away, I will be giving up my 9-5 job and going FULL TIME with the photography. It’s a scary leap to make but the time is right for me to give it my fullest attention and get out there and carve my path in the professional photographer field. I have lots planned so you will see some changes to my site as I will need to add the different disciplines that I will be undertaking, this will include more portrait shoots and also I will be concentrating on the corporate field more. This is not to say that the weddings will take a back seat, OHHHH NOOOOOOO, they are so much fun, hard work yes, but give such satisfaction in being part of a joyous event and sharing couples special days. I aim to take Treasured Moments Photography to the next level and be the “go to” photography in the Essex, Cambs and Herts area. Other geographical locations will be catered for but these 3 will be my core areas.

I will try to keep my site up to date, I have added a few recent weddings but as I get through the editing I will add more, I have a couple to add but they are safely stored on my hard drive in the office.

Please do keep checking back and if you or someone you know happens to need any photography, whether it is a wedding, corporate headshots, modelling portfolio, property images etc etc, please do drop me a message on and I will be only too happy to accomodate your needs.

Until the next time.

Au revoir